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'Teen Mom OG''s Catelynn Opens Up About Carly's Adoption Plan

Has the arrangement turned out be everything she and Tyler expected?

Catelynn and Tyler had not spent time with Carly since their wedding day back in August 2015. But that two-year stretch without a visit is about to snap: The couple got word during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode that they would soon be with their little girl.

"I'm really excited to see Carly and Nova together," Cate told Ty. "It's going to be fun."

But before the gathering takes place in North Carolina, Cate opened up to MTV News about whether or not the adoption plan the then-16-year-olds outlined eight years ago with their counselor Dawn and Carly's parents Brandon and Teresa has changed from what they expected it would be.

"Our adoption has stayed the way that we wanted it," Cate stated. "I feel like in all relationships there are bumps that you hit and things you have to work through. I think that is normal with any relationship that you have in life."

She continued: "It’s still an open adoption -- we still communicate, we still see each other and I get pictures. It’s still very open."

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