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Asher Roth Gets Deep Into Character In 'She Don't Wanna Man' Video

'This is a real party; it's not one of those fake video parties,' Roth laughs of clip, featuring Keri Hilson.

Being that he's a Video Music Award-nominated artiste,

[artist id="3123015"]Asher Roth[/artist] takes his craft very seriously. Which is why, when MTV News visited the set of his "She Don't Wanna Man" clip -- which premiered Monday (August 24) on MTV -- we found him tucked away in a corner, eyes closed, getting deep into character. It's called method acting, in case you were wondering.

Actually, we're kidding. He was lounging backstage with his buddies Boyder and Brain Bangley, joking about hangovers and scoping out the video vixens director Jonathan Lia had assembled for the shoot. We told you he takes his craft seriously.

"This is a real party; it's not one of those fake video parties," Roth laughed. "A lot of the scenes are back and forth, boys versus girls. [It's] a girl-empowerment song. Letting the girls do their thing and have fun and just boogie and not have us be all over them. But we still chase after some booty, you know?"

The video -- which features Roth and company traipsing through a packed club, macking on (and spectacularly failing with) assorted females -- also boasts a cameo by

[artist id="1746119"]Keri Hilson[/artist] (she gives Roth no play either), an old Asher associate who sings the track's hook.

"When we put 'She Don't Wanna Man' together, we pretty much put together your dream-team list of artists that you would love to collaborate with on that song. And Keri was a friend that was in Atlanta with us, and we had met early on, and we were talking about working together," Roth explained. "So when we put together our dream list, she was on the top of it. We sent [the song] over to her, and she absolutely murdered it. So we had to get her for the video too."

And he should know. After all, Roth -- who's up for [article id="1618693"]two Moonmen at the VMAs[/article] (Best Hip-Hop Video and Best New Artist) -- is quickly becoming an old pro when it comes to making videos. And if there's one thing he's learned early on, it's that shooting them should be as fun as possible.

"Keri is an absolute honor to have around. She's a beauty. She's so cool. For those who don't know her, she's legitimately a great human being," he said. "So we're just happy to hang out. We're all buddies, we get along, and we're lucky to be in a situation where we can be ourselves and rock with our friends and shoot videos that get to be on MTV."