Can Matty Forgive Jake For His 'Awkward' Spring Break Tryst With Gabby?

What happened in Mexico didn't stay in Mexico.

If Matty and Jake of “Awkward” can’t nip their latest emotional mini-drama in the bud, the countdown to the end of their senior year could likely double as the countdown to their friendship’s expiration.

On tonight’s Season 5 premiere, Jake and Matty's girlfriend Gabby agreed that they’d leave their spring break tryst -- which also happened to be Gabby’s “first time” -- in the past. Yes, going behind Matty’s back in Mexico was an inarguable violation of his trust, but the pseudo-infidels decided that sparing Matty from the truth was the lesser of two evils, especially since Gabby aimed to keep the relationship alive.

What Gabby didn’t know, though, was that Matty came very close to giving her the heave-ho while South of the Border in favor of striking things back up with his on-again/off-again girlfriend Jenna. During the Palos Hills gang’s trip, Matty was reminded of how compassionate his ex -- who supported him during his search for his biological father -- could be. Ultimately, though, he decided to sublimate his feelings and let Jenna explore her own new relationship, unbothered. Still, Jake -- who was privy to Matty’s flip-flopping heart -- found it difficult to remain tight-lipped around Gabby.

Finally, when Jake couldn’t stand to listen to any more of Gabby’s Matty-admiration, he spilled the beans, inciting a rage in Gabby that propelled her to spitefully come clean to Matty and seemingly end the relationship. Unfortunately for Jake, the truth also meant landing on the receiving end of Matty’s knuckle-sandwich. So, is this all totally damning? Maybe, but the guys have been here before.

In the show’s second season, Jake walloped Matty in front of the whole school after Sadie revealed that Matty had deceitfully dated Jenna before she and Jake ever became an item. It took some heavy-handed Valerie Marks counseling for the guys to get back onto solid ground, but they were eventually able to. Still, now that cheating -- which is perhaps a worse offense -- has imposed on their friendship, will they find they can mend fences the same way?

What do you think: Does history prove that Jake and Matty will eventually recover, or was Jake’s role in Gabby’s betrayal beyond forgiveness? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch "Awkward" Mondays at 9/8c!

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