Pauly D Got A Brand-New Haircut -- See It Now!

The former 'Jersey Shore' cast member debuted a fresh 'do -- and a new tune to boot.

The world held its breath (and its blow dryers) this morning when a shocking Twitter announcement was made from former "Jersey Shore" cast member Pauly D:

Hell hath frozen over, and the skilled DJ has gone and cut his luscious, lustrous locks. While visions of buzz cuts filled our heads and sure-to-be-sick beats blew up our ears, we waited for what seemed to be the longest 30 minutes in the history of ever. How much did Pauly D cut off? Is his 'do still windproof? What about bulletproof? Is it a new style entirely, perhaps Justin Bieber circa 2010? Is he going back to that overly coiffed Gatsby style? Or is he — gasp! — bald? (NO! Please, no.)

It was a roller coaster of emotions and questions, until finally, it was time for Pauly D's highly anticipated unveiling:

As we mentally danced to "No Tomorrow," the DJ's club-pulsing collaborative effort with Delirious-Alex K, we silently critiqued the mild chop. Sighs of relief escaped our lips when it hit us — it's not all that different. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head just so, Pauly's 'do semi-still resembles his famous blowout! Whew, all is right in the world.

+ What do you think of Pauly D's hairstyle and hot new track? Comment with your thoughts!

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