Trevor Noah Explains Why Snooki Might Be The Ideal 'Daily Show' Co-Host

Where's the beach, Trevor Noah?

As you definitely already know, Trevor Noah is facing a great deal of pressure to live up to Jon Stewart's amazing "Daily Show" legacy right now. So who better to help him shoulder some of the burden of hosting the show than MTV's own Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi?

... Not that this unlikely scenario will ever play out, but Noah did tell MTV News that he'd much rather host "The Daily Show" until the end of time with Ms. Polizzi than be forced to host MTV's Spring Break.

"A, I really like her," he explained. "And B, we have room to grow together. Spring Break I don't feel will ever change, and to be that old guy at Spring Break does not appeal to me in particular. So I think I will go with Snooki, til death do us part."

"The Daily Show" premieres with Trevor Noah at the helm on September 28.