Ashley Tisdale Gets 'Love Drunk' With Boys Like Girls

'I love their music. It's super exciting,' Tisdale says about starring in the band's new video.

It seems [url id=""]Ashley Tisdale[/url] likes [url id=""]Boys Like Girls[/url]. Tisdale, whose new album Guilty Pleasure hits stores later this month, jumped at the chance to work with the pop-rockers when they asked her to be in the their new video for "Love Drunk," off their album of the same name, out September 8.

"Actually, I'm a really big fan of Boys Like Girls," Tisdale told MTV News on the video's set. "I love their music. It's super exciting. I've always dreamt about being in it."

Tisdale did explain that she had to make one adjustment before signing on for the role -- she had to tone down her style for the video. "I think it's very the cute-girl, jeans-shorts kind of beachy-casual, but nice. Those are the things we went through," she explained. "I used to smoke out my eyes and be rocker, so for this I toned it down."

The love that Tisdale feels for the band isn't one-sided. "When we were thinking about girls for the video, it seemed like it would be a great idea to bring her in," frontman Martin Johnson said.

"I think she's going to kill the role," he added, hinting that "she's in a bunch of different scenarios, a couple of different dudes. We're super stoked to have her a part of it. It's cool to have a fan of the band that's an actress come in and want to be a part of it."

And if any of you might be thinking that the guys of Boys Like Girls will be drunk with desire for Tisdale in the video, think again. The song isn't exactly about falling in love. "It's obviously not about being in love," Johnson said. "It's about giving the F.U. to a relationship and a situation.

"It's fun. It's kind of celebrating -- skipping your way out gracefully with a nice flip of the bird rather than crying your way home to mommy. It's cool, 'cause the song has a twist to it. It's about having been love-drunk and then saying goodbye."

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