Jesse McCartney Hopes To 'Blow Your Minds' With Next Single

Singer eyeing June release for song, August release for sophomore LP.

LOS ANGELES -- Jesse McCartney's leaning toward releasing a song called "Blow Your Minds" as the first single off his upcoming record, and while he hopes it'll do what the title suggests, at the very least, he said, it'll make you dance.

"It's a fun track. ... It's really upbeat, loud, crazy electric guitars," McCartney explained at Saturday's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (see [article id="1527638"]"Will Smith Issues A Warning, Timberlake Thanks His Butt At Kids' Choice Awards"[/article]).

McCartney's been working on the still-untitled album since he wrapped his first movie, "Keith," at the end of last year (see [article id="1517654"]"Jesse McCartney Angles For Big-Screen Respect Playing Against Type In 'Keith' "[/article]).

"I couldn't be happier," he said. "It's going extremely well. I'm working with some cool producers -- John Shanks (Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson) and Marti Frederiksen (Bo Bice, Pink) -- and it's gonna be a fun pop-rock record."

McCartney, who has described the new material as more mature than his Beautiful Soul debut (see [article id="1517541"]"Jesse McCartney Wants His Next LP To Take After His New Hair Color"[/article]), is eyeing a June release for the first single and an August date for the album. "I can't keep the fans waiting too long, man -- they're getting antsy," he said.

Although he once hoped to work with the Neptunes, who remixed "She's No You," Jesse's since shelved that idea.

"I'm not sure this album is in that direction, but maybe [I can work with them] with another artist, maybe a duet or a remix or something," he said. "They're always good for that."

As for his acting career, McCartney has been looking at scripts, but he's waiting until "Keith" hits theaters before signing on to anything.

"It should be out by summer," he said. "There's still a couple strings to be tied, but I saw some of the uncut footage and it's looking really, really great."

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