Ellie Goulding Calls Out ‘Irresponsible’ Newspaper That Misquoted Her

The singer has responded to a paper that made a dangerous claim about her health.

Ellie Goulding has taken to Twitter to refute an “irresponsible” newspaper blurb that she says severely misquotes her and could have dangerous consequences.

On Monday (Feb. 1) morning, the singer alerted her Twitter followers to an article in British newspaper Metro that lifts a comment from her recent Red magazine cover story. The Metro blurb said Goulding “confessed to hooking herself up to an IV vitamin drip to cope with her tough schedule,” further insinuating that she replaces food with nutrients through an IV. Goulding responded to the so-called quote by calling it “misleading.”

The singer further explained why the bogus blurb ought to be addressed. Through her inspirational Nike campaign and her aspirational workout selfies, Goulding has long been an advocate for healthy living -- and she says that’s why this kind of lie is especially hurtful to her.

Sophie Heawood, the Red magazine journalist who interviewed Goulding, also expressed her concern about the misquote on Twitter.

In the original Red magazine article, Goulding does in fact talk about using an IV vitamin drip: “The band and I are all dead,” she’s quoted as saying in the article. “I had to pay for everyone to have IV vitamin drips. Can you believe it? Backstage at Alan Carr and we’re all sat there on drips. […] The music industry isn’t like other industries – there are no rules about working hours. Sometimes I don’t have time to eat.”

So while the Metro blurb didn’t fabricate the detail about Goulding using an IV vitamin drip, the claim about her “eating through an IV” is in fact quite misleading. Hopefully Goulding’s decision to speak up will spur more responsible media reporting.

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