5 Big Reasons Sexist School Dress Codes Need To Be Stopped

Laci Green sounds off on administrators targeting women's clothing.

Ahhhh, spring. For high schoolers, it's a beautiful time of year to go to prom, celebrate graduations, and hide their very, very distracting shoulders. Wait, what? Yep, the rising temps also signify the season schools all over the U.S. enforce warm weather dress codes on young women, and all kinds of clothing from crop tops to yoga pants is coming under fire. While dress guidelines are nothing new (or necessarily all bad!), Braless host/MTV fam Laci Green does an excellent job dissecting how dress codes that specifically target women are actually incredibly sexist in a new video for her own channel. Here are her five reasons why they need to be stopped ASAP.


Laci Green

1. They signal to girls that their bodies are inherently sexual.

"It tells her she's not entitled to human decency and respect if her skin is showing, which is slut shaming, but also objectifying. It tells girls their bodies are more sexual than boys. She is the object, and he is the subject."

2. They signal to boys that girls' bodies are inherently sexual regardless of context.

"It teaches boys that it's acceptable to disrespect girls and misbehave if they can see her skin. Instead of teaching boys that they are responsible for their own actions, it teaches them that girls are responsible for them."


Laci Green

3. They shame women's bodies.

"Administrators are subjecting them to degrading screenings complete with comments like, 'You know, not all dresses look good on certain body types.'"

4. Administrators are punishing girls with detention, public humiliation, expulsion, and mandatory assemblies, which distracts from the female students' education.

"These 'accommodations' for boys cannot legally come at the expense of girls' education."

5. Everybody is distracted.

"Everybody's bodies are changing, crushes. It's all new, it's all exciting, and it's not just boys. Girls have sexual feelings too."

To get the full lowdown on sexist dress codes and to find out what you can do to stop it, watch Laci's full video below.