DJ Khaled Teams With Kanye, Rick Ross On 'I Wish You Would'

Kanye West and DJ Khaled team up again, this time adding Ross to the mix for the new 'Kiss the Ring' single.

DJ Khaled promised there would be [article id="1683368"]"a monstrous earthquake"[/article] when he and Kanye West dropped their new single, and though we're still awaiting measurements on the Richter scale, it does seems the boisterous Cash Money disc jock has another radio hit on his hands.

On Wednesday night, Khaled gave New York DJ Funkmaster Flex the go-ahead to premiere "I Wish You Would" featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross. The Hit-Boy-produced record is a follow-up of sorts to "Way Too Cold," Khaled and Yeezy's last collaboration, though it takes a different path sonically.

MTV News caught up with Khaled in April, just weeks after the two released "Way Too Cold" (originally titled "Theraflu"), and that's when he began dropping hints about his latest single. "Me and Kanye West went back in the lab and we made another record and got some features on there too," Khaled told us then, careful not to let too many details leak. "I can't really talk about it, so expect another monstrous earthquake to hit the streets."

The track, which will appear on Khaled's upcoming album Kiss the Ring, of course starts with a booming intro from hip-hop's human hype machine: "D-J Khaleeeed," the We the Best head screams to start the record.

While "Way Too Cold" is a bouncy Kanye West brag-fest, "I Wish You Would" has a more serious tone. On it 'Ye dedicates his bars to his Chicago hood and inner-city youth around the world. "The block is at war, post-traumatic stress/ Ran up outta pills, robbed that CVS," he spits before pondering, "We believe in God, but do God believe in us?"

The aggressive and dark Hit-Boy beat matches 'Ye's mood by employing brooding synth keys, hand-clapping percussion and the occasional church bell. With his verse, Rozay uses a different approach than West's, detailing his own rise from nothing to something. While the Maybach Music boss boasts about diamond-encrusted watches, private flights and expensive ringside fight seats, he balances it by detailing the days when he didn't have as much. "I remember catchin' buses, just bought me a Lotus," he rhymes, proud of his new sports car.

Yeezy returns for the track's third and final verse, this time with more vigor. "The boss is testin' ya ass, the Feds will question ya ass/ They be drug-testin' ya ass and then they pray you don't pass," he raps, becoming even more sympathetic to the 'hood's plight.

Obviously, Kanye has reached heights that most never will. But even with the platinum records, millions of dollars and a model girlfriend, it seems that Mr. West hasn't forgotten where he came from.

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