Oscar Nominations 2014 Snubs and Surprises: Leo, Leo, Leo

Listen up, Academy members, we have some thoughts about your decisions.

The 2014 Oscar nominations are in, and the award goes to ... well, not "Inside Llewyn Davis," that's for sure. The movie world is abuzz with reactions to Thursday morning's (January 16) snubs and surprises, cheering their favorites and jeering the exclusion of their other favorites.

What has MTV News smarting this morning, and what has us super-psyched for the underdog? Read on.


Now Llewyn has a reason (other than the cat) to be so sad: The Coen brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis," a critical favorite, was totally snubbed after appearing on many awards reporters' shortlists for Best Picture and Best Director (before you're, like, "P-p-puh-please a Best Song nomination," "Please Mr. Kennedy" wasn't eligible).

Maybe Academy members were put off by the bummer premise of the movie, or maybe they just hate cats. Similarly, "Lee Daniels' The Butler" was shut out of nominations, including what seemed to be a lock in the Best Supporting Actress category for Oprah. It's an ugly reality that the success of "12 Years a Slave" may have overshadowed Daniels' earlier movie in voters' minds, or Weinstein fatigue could be to blame.

Check out the full list of 2014 Oscar nominations

America's Dad Tom Hanks walked away empty-handed this morning, not even getting nominated for the Best Actor race that seemed to be his to lose after his heart-wrenching performance in "Captain Phillips." Did voters leave before the end, or did they black out from crying too much and forget what happened? He was similarly blocked for his supporting role in "Saving Mr. Banks," which was a longshot but still a distinct possibility because Tom Hanks.

Indie fave "Short Term 12" was also locked out of the Best Adapted Screenplay category, despite nobody on earth having anything bad to say about the movie. We're not asking for a Best Picture nod (though that would be a nice gesture, like your grandmother sending you a check for $12 on your birthday), but come on, guys.

Technical categories usually aren't grounds for outcry, but for the love of all that is toupeed, how did "American Hustle" not get a nod for Best Makeup and Hairstyling? Not only should it have been nominated, it should have really been the sole contender on the merits of Jennifer Lawrence's closer-to-God big hair alone.

Not that we were expecting Chris Hemsworth to read off his own name in the Best Actor category and show us his Taylor Swift surprise-face, but we're rocking a furrowed brow of confusion at the total lack of "Rush" nominations. The movie was like a really great-looking, emotionally impactful, based-on-a-true-story "Fast & Furious" -- how was it ignored? We thought Daniel Bruhl would be a sure bet for Best Supporting Actor (applying the makeup he had to wear to look like his face melted off was nom-worthy alone), and the gorgeously grainy final product seemed like it could have been a contender in the Editing, Cinematography or even Directing categories.


This year's Oscars didn't have a ton of positive shockers as far as nominations go. For the most part, if you got some awards this season, you were up for the big one. That said, we're kind of gob-smacked that "Nebraska" got so much recognition. It's a good film, but exactly the sort of "Llewyn Davis"-esque movie that usually falls through the cracks. Still, you could hear the delighted screams from Squibbnation when their girl June Squibb got nominated (OK, just kidding, that's not an actual thing).

A pleasant surprise in the usually confusing or downright angering "Best Song" category was the nomination of "The Moon Song" from "Her." It's a great moment from a great movie, but the best thing about the nom is that it reminded us the song exists. Spotify: engage.

Also on the note of "deserved surprises that aren't total surprises": Leonardo DiCaprio getting a nod for "The Wolf of Wall Street" is great news, particularly considering Leo has only been nominated three times and never won. Like the inside of a supermodel's vagina, this gave us a warm fuzzy feeling.

The animation category also had its fair share of surprises. "Frozen" should have this locked up, so it doesn't really matter that much, but "Ernest and Celestine" fits neatly into the "we've never heard of that" slot we get every year. Meanwhile "The Wind Rises" is a pleasant surprise because it's Hayao Miyazaki's last film, and the animation master has only two previous nominations.

It's possible "The Wind Rises" might be a dark horse to win, on the "this is the last chance to give this guy an award" thing the Academy likes so much. But we're still betting on Disney.

"American Hustle" getting nominated for Best Picture wasn't a surprise, but having every actor in the ensemble minus poor Hawkeye get a nod was kind of jaw-dropping. We expected Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, but Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale also getting thrown in the mix is a testament to weird hair acting at its finest.

And finally, Jonah Hill was nominated for "The Wolf of Wall Street," his second nod in three years. He's great in the movie and all, but we still can't stop picturing him being raped by a demon in "This Is the End." Who knew the kid from "Superbad" would turn out to be Hollywood's most versatile actor?

What do you think? Who deserved a nod but didn't get one, and who are you pleasantly surprised to see on the roster?

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