Short Hair, Don't Care: Why Nick Jonas Plans On Keeping His 'Kingdom' Cut

'I kind of like the shaved head," the former JoBro tells MTV News.

Since taking on the role of prized fighter Nate Kulina in DIRECTV's new mixed martial arts drama, "Kingdom," we've seen a lot of physical changes from Nick Jonas.

And while many of us were fixated on those killer abs and chiseled chest, we completely overlooked one of the biggest shifts in Nick's new look: his hair.

"I shaved it because I was shooting 'Kingdom,' and I wanted to look different. And I wanted to have a bit of a harder look, and I felt like -- and other people felt like -- when I have a shaved head that I do look that way, but more menacing. And then it's just way easier to manage," the 22-year-old told MTV News.

"We did all the photo shoots and the videos when I had a shaved head, so I was like, 'I could grow it out, but why not just keep it?'"

Whether you love it...

Or hate it...

Nick has no plans to grow back his curly locks anytime soon. "Not really, no. I kind of like the shaved head, too," he said. "I think it suits me."

You can check out the former JoBro’s buzz cut Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET when “Kingdom” airs on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE network.

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