Yuck: The 10 Grossest Comedy Movie Scenes Ever

They're called gags for a reason, folks.

The idea of gross-out comedy is nothing new: Since the dawn of modern cinema, filmmakers have tried to capture audiences' "yucks" along with their yuks. Beginning with 1914's silent feature "Nell's Eugenic Wedding," in which a character eats soap and then repeatedly vomits for supposed chuckles, bodily fluids, nudity and innuendo have been trotted out for an uncomfortable laugh.

This weekend sees the release of "Movie 43," perhaps the granddaddy of all gross-out movies, consisting of several comedy shorts strung together to make an aggressively raunchy full-length movie. Boasting some of Hollywood's top names — Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman and Elizabeth Banks, to name just a few — performing unspeakable acts, some wide-eyed moviegoers may find the flick tough to stomach.

They say the best way to acclimate to a new experience or overcome a phobia is to face it. "Movie 43" doesn't come out in theaters until this weekend, so we can't show you more than the trailer right now, but we can condition you with the most gag-worthy gags in recent memory. Without further ado, please enjoy ("enjoy") the 10 gross-out movie scenes that haunt our dreams.

1. The one with the secret "cream filling" in the Twinkies, 'Van Wilder'

This is almost (almost) enough to put us off Twinkies, if we could friggin' find one in the grocery store anymore. (RIP Hostess.)

2. Ben Stiller getting himself stuck in his zipper, 'There's Something About Mary'

Oh God. We wish he'd sh*t himself, too. If only. Cringe.

3. Bluto's zit impression, 'Animal House'

A great classic of comedy scenes, this one still get us when he shoves the entire fist-sized ball of butter in his mouth, then spits it back out. It's the little things, folks.

4. The girls get food poisoning, 'Bridesmaids'

While laughing through the nausea induced from watching Ellie Kemper barf on Wendi McLendon-Covey's head while Melissa McCarthy turns the sink into, as she says, "a goner," we're not entirely sure which end that came out of, either. Apologies.

5. Barf-o-Rama, 'Stand By Me'

Never mind that these aren't the most stunning barfy visual effects we've ever seen, just the phrase "used blueberries" is enough to put us off our lunches.

6. Most of 'That's My Boy'

"That's My Boy" has it all: A tween graphically seducing his teacher, incest, an obese stripper shooting fruit out of her no-no, and more! Gentlemen, start your gag reflexes.

7. Sex with the landlady, 'Kingpin'

The things we do to keep our apartments. Pump and dump, indeed.

8. Really crappy coffee, 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me'

It's got a really, really strong nose to it.

9. Stifler can taste the bubbles, 'American Pie 2'

Tell us, how did you get it so nice and warm?

10. The toilet scene, 'Dumb and Dumber'

Sometimes, a seemingly innocent household appliance like a toilet can become your worst enemy.