Tyler, The Creator Asks Fans To Boo Him, Says 'F--k' At Least 37 Times Between Songs At Gov Ball

Just a day at the park.

RANDALL'S ISLAND, New York -- At least that's our official count.

While hitting the stage on a sunny New York afternoon on Sunday (June 8), Tyler, the Creator brought his signature energy and antics while commanding the attention of thousands of onlookers. Of course -- with Earl Sweatshirt, Jasper Dolphin and Taco by his side -- the Odd Future member ran through cuts like "Bitch Suck D--k," "Bimmer" and "Yonkers."

But the action in between songs caught our ear, too. We shouldn't be surprised given his songs, interviews or even his Twitter handle, but Tyler was liberal when it came to letting the F-word fly in its various forms while interacting with the crowd throughout his set.

The crowd didn't give a f--k, though. They were there to see the Tyler, the Creator in all his unfiltered glory.

We caught 37 total, with a few quoted examples below.

"Can I get a motherf--kin' 'Awesome'?"

"Your rich parents pay for this sh--? What about everyone else? F--k you guys!"

Adam Fleischer

Tyler the Creator Governors Ball

"We're gonna get f--kin' depressed"

"Including the motherf--kers in the back that can't be up here, I need y'all to lose your sh--"

Adam Fleischer

Tyler the Creator Governors Ball 2014

"When you feel it in your f--kin' soul, it's gonna make you lose your f--kin' mind"

"For this next one, I need everyone to shut the f--k up and just stand there"

Adam Fleischer

Tyler Governors Ball

"Can everyone boo me for f--kin' up the set?"

"What's that f--kin parade going on? Puerto Rican Day?"

Adam Fleischer

Tyler Governors Ball 2014