Why 2015 Will Still Be The Year Of 'Frozen'

One year later and we still can't build a snowman I mean let it go.

On November 27, 2013, "Frozen" first hit theaters, and it's probably only a slight exaggeration to say life has never been the same since. Not since "Titanic" was released in 1997 has a movie grown bigger and bigger as it went on -- so much so that pretty much all of 2014 was the year of "Frozen."

But it's not going to stop any time soon, as 2015 will still be the year of "Frozen."

Seems crazy, right? "Once Upon A Time" wrapped up its Anna and Elsa-centric arc weeks ago in grand style. Even the filmmakers have apologized for getting "Let It Go" incessantly stuck in your head for more than 12 solid months. So you'd think the moment had passed. But let's take a look at these stats Disney shot our way:

1. Frozen is in the top nine internet searches of 2014, according to Google’s annual zeitgeist survey.

2. Elsa was also no. 1 on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential fictional characters of 2014.

3. More than 300 million Elsa and Anna role-play dresses have been sold at Disney Store and mass retailers in North America, as of November 2014.

4. Frozen sing-a-long events have attracted thousands of fans worldwide, from the U.K. to Taiwan and beyond.

That's as of December 15, which means the "Frozen" phenomenon is just getting started. In 2015, we still have the following to look forward to:

"Frozen Fever"


Frozen Fever Logo

This is the big one, and its coming up in three short months. The first 100% official continuation of "Frozen" that, reteaming everyone involved in the hit movie. The seven minute long short will air on March 13, 2015 in front of Disney's live-action "Cinderella," and will feature a brand new song. Finally, something new to make viral videos from!

"Let It Go" On "Glee"



Lea Michele will sing "Let It Go" on the final season of "Glee," because of course she will. Making the whole thing more ridiculous/make more sense, Michele's character's mom is played on "Glee" by Idina Menzel... Who, of course, is the voice of Elsa in "Frozen." The show returns in January 9, though it's unclear whether "Let It Go" will be featured in the premiere, or a later episode.

"Frozen On Ice"


We sent a grown man to go see the skating spectacular, and if you missed it, don't worry: it will still be running all over the country throughout the year.

"Frozen On Broadway"



Like "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin" and many more before it, "Frozen" is coming to Broadway. Though it's unknown at this time whether the show will launch by the time 2016 rolls around, chances are you might hear rumblings of a reading or workshop by the two year anniversary of the movie's release.

The Official Princess Ceremony

Neil Patrick Harris Hosts The Disney Christmas Day Parade TV Special

Not just anyone can become a Disney Princess: you have to earn the title. And not only that, but Disney Princesses need an official induction ceremony at Disney World. Anna will be made an official DP at some point, though so far the ceremony is unscheduled. And though Elsa is "just" a queen, chances are she'll be part of that ceremony, too. They're already a feature in the parks, EPCOT's Norway is being transformed in Arendelle, and a "Frozen" fun fest kicks off on January 7... So when are we gonna get our princess ceremony, guys?

"Frozen 2"?



It's only a matter of time. They've teased it. They've talked about it. Now we just need to the official announcement. We're betting it'll happen before 2015 is over.