'Dancing With The Stars' Results: The Situation Is Over

'Jersey Shore' star bows out with grace after round four.

It was a sorry situation on Tuesday night's [article id="1649766"]"Dancing With the Stars,"[/article] when [article id="1649806"]"Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino[/article] was bid farewell.

But he went out like a professional. As he was being cut, the Sitch bowed gracefully, telling co-host Brooke Burke, "You know what, I told myself if I got eliminated today, I put it all on the floor last night. I really hoped [the scores] weren't fours. But it is what it is, and at the end of the day, someone's got to go home. This is the fourth round, and if I made it to the fourth round, then I did my best, I guess."

The Situation, who landed in the bottom two with Bristol Palin, also said that he was happy that he got to show a different side of himself, one that differs greatly from his party-boy persona on "Jersey Shore."

"I try to give what's needed in the situation," Sorrentino said when co-host Tom Bergeron told the reality star that he had recently checked out the MTV series for the first time and realized how different the contestant acted on the other show.

"I'm not a dancer, and this is definitely hard," the Sitch explained. "On 'Jersey Shore,' you get a little keyhole of who I am. On 'Dancing With the Stars,' you really get the whole Situation."

Tuesday night's musical performances were by the Goo Goo Dolls and Florence and the Machine. Both acts performed acoustically, in keeping with the week's theme.

Do you think the Situation went home too soon? What reality show should he do next? Sound off in the comments.

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