Avril Lavigne Song To Appear On Tim Burton's 'Alice In Wonderland' Soundtrack

Singer's 'Alice Underground' joins tracks by All Time Low, Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus.

[artist id="1228637"]Avril Lavigne[/artist] is going down the rabbit hole. The singer has officially landed a track called "Alice Underground" on the soundtrack of Tim Burton's upcoming re-imagination of "Alice in Wonderland," according to Variety.

Some Lavigne fansites have reported that the track will also be the first single from the pop-punk princess' upcoming fourth album, but there has been no official confirmation. Lavigne joins a burgeoning roster of musicians helping out on the soundtrack to the Johnny Depp-led adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic, which already includes a much-anticipated hookup between former tour mates [article id="1629141"]Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz[/article].

"We did a song for 'Alice in Wonderland,' [and we] might do a few more, depending on when [Mark] goes in with Blink. [It] sounds nothing like Blink or Fall Out Boy," Wentz recently told MTV News. "Mark understands songwriting on a completely different level. It's awesome to have a chance to sit in a room with him and watch him work out a melody."

The soundtrack will also feature an as-yet-untitled new song from All Time Low that was specifically written for the movie, even if the lyrics don't necessarily allude to the film's themes. "The song definitely references ideas from the film and from the story, but I wouldn't say that it's obvious," said singer Alex Gaskarth. "But it's in there, for sure."

The film's score will be written by longtime Burton collaborator Danny Elfman ("Edward Scissorhands," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"). No other information on the track listing for the album was available at press time. "Alice in Wonderland" hits theaters on March 5.

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