'My Super Sweet 16' Inspired This Surprise Birthday Party -- Held On The Subway

This was not your average New York train ride

My Super Sweet 16 bashes have been held in all types of venues -- but never on a mode of transportation. That is, until now.

Inspired by the return of MTV’s iconic series (don't miss it THIS Sunday!), a group of teens organized and executed a surprise bash for one of their pals on a New York City subway. This ain't one's average trip on the Big Apple rapid transit system...

Armed with balloons, streamers, a bunch of decorations and cupcakes, the gang (as seen in the video above) pulled off an epic shocker for an unassuming gal named Jenny.

"3, 2, 1...Surprise!" the entire car of commuters and Jenny's friends screamed as the guest of honor entered, completely unaware and adorably stunned. From there, a sweet serenade ensued and lots of cheer went around. And, of course, there was plenty of dancing.

Witness the unique festivities in the video above, and do not miss the return of My Super Sweet 16 on Sunday at 7/6c!