Blink 182's Next Single Was Originally Meant For Juice WRLD, Travis Barker Says

"Paris" is, according to Barker, the band's favorite new song

It's been almost three years since Blink-182's last album, California, dropped. The legendary band likes to take time between their releases — Neighborhoods came out in 2011, their self-titled LP dropped in 2003 – so it's a nice surprise that they have something in the pipeline so soon. If drummer Travis Barker's recent interview with Billboard is any indicator, it looks like we'll be hearing new music from them in the next couple of months. And in a weird turn of events, we have Juice WRLD to thank for it. Sort of.

Despite preparing for his MUSINK festival that's coming in March, Barker found time to speak about playing his band's new music and its potential "loose target" release date of April, May, or June. When asked what would most likely be the lead single, Barker named a song tentatively known as "Paris." He says that, originally, the production was slated to go to Juice WRLD.

"It was actually a beat I made for Juice WRLD and before I ever got in the studio with him, I played it randomly and Mark [Hoppus] said, 'Oh what are you working on?'" Barker said. "They were like, 'Whoa, we really liked this." He then says that it is probably the band's favorite.

This is big for Juice WRLD, a known fan of the band, and someone Barker later shouted out as a stylistic descendent. "There's so much rap music that's inspired by pop-punk and punk rock," he said. "I feel like Juice WRLD is very along the lines of pop-punk with trap drums."

The last fresh tastes of Blink-182 came in 2017 when they released the deluxe edition of California that included ten new tracks such as "Misery" and "6/8." We'll get to hear how the finished version of "Paris" (or whatever it ends up being called) would've played as a potential Juice WRLD cut when it drops presumably later this year.