PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Super-Exclusive Franz Ferdinand Tee!

First it was Jaclyn Smith -- the O.G. "slashy" actress/clothing designer. She parlayed the fame she garnered packing heat playing the "Kelly" Angel of "Charlie's Angels" into an eponymous clothing cash cow at Kmart -- her line's sold over 300 million units since it debuted in 1985. Then Kathy Ireland made the celeb-as-brand marketing move (at Kmart too). Then we had the rash (literally) of fragrances in the '80s and '90s -- Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth. A perfume that conjured up the amalgamated aroma of the entire cast of "Beverly Hills 90210." (Mmm! Teen spirit!) The Olsen twins had a tween line probably before they could even sign their own names. Then came the rappers -- Jay-Z's Rocawear, Diddy's Sean Jean. 50 Cent's G-Unit Clothing. There's Beyonce's House of Dereon. J.Lo's... everything. Paris Hilton's garbage. If you really want to, you can smell like Britney Spears. (Check your nearest dollar store for details). Jessica Simpson's surprisingly cute shoes. Gwen Stefani's super kawaii L.A.M.B. line. Pete Wentz's Clandestine clothing line. And recently, of course, Kate Moss' much ballyhooed Top Shop line. And Lily Allen's "Lily Loves" label, lest we forget. And now... Franz Ferdinand.

So... do you want to... be amongst the elite fans rocking an exclusive Franz Ferdinand Tee? Think fast, because only the most nimble-fingered (gotta be quick with dat mouse!), in-the-knowingest fans can get their hands on these.

Here's the deal: Franz Ferdinand bassist Bob Hardy was commissioned to design an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Tee for the Domino T-Shirt Club, through Domino Records and Airside -- a U.K.-based graphic design house run by Lemon Jelly's Fred Deakin. And you can only get it if you sign up for the Domino T-Shirt Club (via Airside). Membership to the club is approximately $196 U.S. bones, and you also get three other Tees designed by the Kills, Psapp and Brazilian band Bonde Do Role, respectively. The Tees roll out on a monthly basis starting later this summer, and they're kept completely under wraps -- you won't see the design 'til you tear open the package once it arrives in the mail. (We're thinking there's a 90% chance the Franz shirt will be striped.) And once they're gone, they're gone, yo. Sign up here, and sign up now!

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