Tyga's Suburban Upbringing Made Obvious In Game Show Footage

By Maurice Bobb

With TMZ on the case, no celebrity is safe. And that includes YMCMB spitter Tyga. The tabloid site dropped a previously shelved video today (December 3) of the 22-year-old rapper born Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson participating in a defunct hip-hop game show, which was filmed for MTV called “Bustas.”

The show’s host, West Coast legend Kurupt, takes the “Rack City” MC through various challenges meant to test the upstart rapper’s knowledge, or lack thereof, when it’s comes to acting, looking and sounding like an emcee.

In the beginning of the clip, Tyga reveals that he got his name from a certain world-class golfer. “I got this name when I was young,” Tyga said. “My Mom used to say I looked like Tiger Woods. I just stuck with that.”

In perhaps the most telling narrative of the show, Tyga jettisons any street cred he'd have in the future with the revelation that he grew up on the right side of the tracks. “Grew up not too tough, parents had a Range Rover,” Tyga admitted. “Doin’ it big, not too much hard, but I’m still street.”

While the Young Money representer has displayed his lyrical dexterity on songs like "Do My Dance" and “Faded,” the freestyle portion of the game show made it blatantly clear that the Los Angeles native came from very humble rap beginnings. Lyrics like “It’s T-Y-G-A they say I’m not hood cuz I stay in the valley/they say I never been in the alley” could only best rhymes out of a Dr. Seuss book and not by much.

Worse still for the Hotel California MC was the thirst for women displayed during the “Name That Grill” segment, when he offered up the wrong answer to the grill in question. “I’m not on dudes mouth anyway,” Tyga said in definance. “I’m all about the ladies, so you know, holla at me ladies after the show or whatever.”

After suffering through the “Who’s Frontin’?” and “The Lyrics” segments--he couldn't successfully incorporate the words into his "freestyle," Tyga endured the biggest slap in the face when he lost the show to a contestant named Nathan. After having his chain confiscated by Kurupt, Tyga stormed out of the studio, proclaiming the whole ordeal to be B.S.

Luckily for Tyga, this video surfaced years after it was shot in 2008. He’s had enough success at this point to be able to laugh at himself and keep living the lavish life with Blac Chyna and his newborn son, King Cairo.

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