‘The Stakes’: The Resistance Will Be Podcasted

'I Am Not Your Negro' director Raoul Peck on James Baldwin, and the Bronx Documentary Center's photojournalism exhibit on protest

Welcome back to “The Stakes,” where we're trying our best to make sense of a world that increasingly defies the rules of logic. Coming up on the show today:

Part 1: MTV News staff writer Doreen St. Félix talks with I Am Not Your Negro director Raoul Peck, whose film continues the legacy of one of America’s most notable writers and social critics.

Part 2: Producer James T. Green heads to the Bronx Documentary Center for “Whose Streets? Our Streets!,” an exhibit co-curated by Meg Handler and Tamar Carroll that acts as a testament to the deep spirit of resistance we're feeling all over the country right now.

Part 3: Poet-in-residence Marcus Ellsworth reminds us why we continue to fight back against modern racism with his work, “The Ghost Of Jim Crow.”

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