Blues Traveler, More For Phish Tribute LP

While their favorite band works away in the studio and beyond, Phish fans are being given a chance to get involved in a couple of new band-related projects, including a tribute album.

Phish heads are being asked to select the title for an upcoming tribute LP which will feature the likes of Blues Traveler, Little Feat, Michael Ray & Cosmic Krewe, Merl Saunders, and DJ Logic, among others, performing both live and studio versions of all-original Phish tunes.

Producer Ellis Godard estimates there will be a total of 14 tracks on the finished product (if the album stays at one disc) and hints that it will include other musicians who "have performed with the band onstage, and those who have been influenced by their music." Additional details, however, have been kept a well-guarded secret.

Fans can currently vote for such album titles as "A Love One," "Heist," "Moments In A Box," "Phish You Were Here," "Sharin In The Groove," and "You Enjoy My Songs;" new suggestions

are also being accepted at (

The project is being coordinated by The Mockingbird Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by a group of Phish fans to compile information about the band for a new book, "The Mockingbird Project: An Encyclopedic Companion To The Music Of Phish.

Like the previously released "Pharmer's Almanac," which paved the road for similar projects and is now in production of its sixth edition, "The Mockingbird Project" will include input from fans from all over the country and will emulate such features as comprehensive set lists, song histories, band and fan photos, and tour memorabilia.

The tribute album's release date is expected to be this fall, close to that of the book, though no exact date has yet been set. Profits from both projects will benefit music education for youth.