Why Twilightland Would Be 'Awful,' According To 'Austenland' Producer Stephenie Meyer

The 'Twilight' author has no interest in a 'Twilight' vacation, but would love to play make-believe within Jane Austen's novels.

PARK CITY, Utah -- "Twilight"-free days call for desperate measures, now that the final installment of "Breaking Dawn" has come and gone, and any reboot or spinoff or Broadway On Ice adaptation remains purely a matter of fevered speculation.

So fans of the supernatural franchise could perhaps be excused for thinking that author Stephenie Meyer's latest film project, an adaptation of "Austenland" -- in which a woman obsessed with Jane Austen travels to a role-playing resort where everyone pretends to be living in the 19th century -- might one day lead to a vacation spot where Edward Cullen is available to wine and dine you.

Alas, that just ain't gonna happen, as Meyer -- letting us, and the Twilight nation, down gently -- revealed at the Sundance Film Festival after the Friday premiere of "Austenland."

The Most Magical Place in Forks?

"It would be so boring!" she told MTV News about the possibility of Twilightland. "What, would you go to high school? Would you have to go to high school for it? That's not a vacation. Sounds awful. I don't want to go back to high school."

We'd venture there are more than a few fans who wouldn't mind partnering up with Edward in science class, but point taken, Ms. Meyer. And there's no doubt her follow-up idea for a Twi-ride would attract some paying customers, too, even if it might lead to a lawsuit bonanza.

"I guess you could have a mechanical vampire that you ride piggyback," she cracked, recalling the infamous spider monkey scene. "That would be a liability issue, I think. You could fall right off."

Stephenie Meyer, Queen Nerd

Early in our interview, we learned the author and producer is Queen of the Sundance Selfie. Shortly thereafter, we found further confirmation that she's also a royal -- and proud! -- nerd.

As Meyer has previously told us, she's a big "book nerd," and in Keri Russell's "Austenland" character, she found a kindred spirit. "I love Jane Austen," she said. "The character in the story is kind of my inner nerd girl. I'm unashamed of the fact that if there were a resort like this, that would be my next holiday."

Jane Austen, Meet Barbie

Whether we're talking about a fictional Austenland or a hoped-for Twilightland, the appeal for various fan bases is the same: the opportunity to retreat into a world of make-believe in which you are both all-powerful narrator and all-too-willing participant. For now, at least, Meyer doesn't see the appeal of "Twilight" vacation (others, of course, disagree. She'd rather play in someone else's dreamscape.

"It's kind of like an adult version of playing Barbies, right?" Meyer said of "Austenland," which was penned by her good friend, Shannon Hale. "You get to have the beautiful dream house and all these beautiful Ken dolls and Barbies and make them act out your scenes."

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