Pitbull And Ke$ha Yell 'Timber' In Their New Country-Tinged Jam

Ke$ha and Pitbull join forces on the country-infused "Timber."

Ke$ha and Pitbull sing a country jig in their new collab, "Timber."

After we're done calling Pitbull "Mr. Worldwide" and "Mr. 305" (UGH, just pick one already), we might as well start calling him the "King of Collaborating With Hot Chicks." Need proof? To date, Pitbull has joined forces with practically every vocally adept babe in the music game! (See: "Live It Up" with Jennifer Lopez, "Feel This Moment" with Christina Aguilera, "Get It Started" with Shakira... and the list goes on.)

Anyway, now it's time to add "Timber," a bizarrely country-tinged, Ke$ha-assisted record, to the list of Pit's hot lady collabs, where, surprisingly, we're pretty sure he's actually referring to the logging industry. Not a euphemism for... Y'KNOW.

Listen to Pitbull's "Timber" featuring Ke$ha after the jump.

After an epic, country-infused harmonica solo, the Dr. Luke-produced "Timber" transforms into a classic Top 40-ready banger. And while Pitbull's verse isn't serving us anything we haven't heard before, we do have to give him props for including a very timely verse about Miley Cyrus: "I have 'em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off, twerkin' in their bras and thongs." #ONPOINT.

Pitbull's tourmate chimes in later to chant the record's hook, with, shockingly, less production on her vocals than we're used to: "It's going down/ I'm yelling Timber!/ You'd better move/ You'd better dance."

So, now that we've fully absorbed Pit's new track, we have to ask: Is "Timber" the new "YOLO"? Is yelling "timberrrrrr!" the new way in which one gives zero effs? There's no way to know for sure, but we ARE willing to get to the bottom of this lyrical mystery if it means listening to that ridiculous harmonica hook over and over and over. (You know you can't resist!)

+ Listen to Pitbull's "Timber" featuring Ke$ha.

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