Sorry, Rex: Robbie From 'Victorious' Has A New Puppet In His Life

And he’s twice his age

Weeks after Matt Bennett obliterated our childhood with his "I Want to Fuck a Demon" monologue, the Victorious star has betrayed his BFF. Bennett's Robbie Shapiro character was practically joined at the hip arm to Rex the puppet — except the term "puppet" is apparently an "offensive term" — but it looks like Rex has been replaced.

On Wednesday (March 29), Bennett guest-starred on an episode of "Blark and Son," a.k.a. Bennett's "favorite Instagram puppet show." During the short episode, Bennett deals with the pushy Blark, who wants to play music with him. We all want things, Blark.

Commenters on Instagram couldn't help but make jokes about how much Rex has "aged" since Victorious ended four years ago, but I'd argue that Rex is actually watching Bennett from afar, plotting his revenge. Watch your back, Matt. Rex came back from the dead once. What else do you think he's capable of, hmm?

Check out the episode below.

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