Is A Town Called Canaan The Key To Stiles' 'Teen Wolf' Rescue?

Hell, we don't even know if the place really exists

Leave it to Stiles to continue saving everyone's asses even when he's practically nonexistent.

Our favorite trio of longtime Teen Wolf friends have finally reunited, and the non-supernatural we love to love has a plan like always, telling Scott and Lydia at the end of tonight's episode, "Find Canaan."


That was after our hearts skipped a beat or five when Stiles asked Lydia about those four little words we'll never forget: "Remember I love you." Swoon.

Seriously though, what is Stiles' plan? And will it succeed? While everyone else in the seemingly imaginary train station was awaiting trains that would never come, Stiles was trying his darnedest to GTFO, along with his new best friend Peter Hale.


The determined BHHS senior made his way through every dead-end door in the station and eventually discovered a secret radio room where he could send out a signal for help. That's our Stiles!

But what about Canaan? Stiles spotted it on the arrivals board, alongside Beacon Hills and a slew of other supposedly nearby cities. Will the Ghost Riders be there? Does it have a train station, unlike Beacon Hills? And more importantly, does the city even exist? Stiles claims Scott and Lydia won't be able to find him, so how exactly is this going to help bring him back into existence? Though we've gotta admit — the younger Stilinksi's hunches are generally pretty accurate, so we'll just need to trust him on this one.

Comment with your theories, and catch us back here later this week as we dissect the return of Peter Hale, charred body and all. Also, save the date — new episodes of Teen Wolf return on Tuesday, January 3!