5SOS Drive Fans Mad With New Announcement

It took two hours, but here's what happened.

Leave it to 5 Seconds of Summer to spend two hours announcing one song. The pop punk band revealed on Wednesday (July 15) that they have a new ditty coming out in two days, titled "She's Kinda Hot."

The countdown began on Tuesday, when the band tweeted a link to Overnight, we watched the countdown clock wind down until it dropped to all zeroes today. And then, static. And more static. And then there was a 20-minute video with Luke and Calum playing video games.

Needless to say, fans were wondering WTF was going on.

Half an hour later, a graffiti artist stepped up to a bare brick wall, and started using black and white paint to make a mural. This went on for what seemed like years, but was actually an hour and a half.



You could hear the 5SOS Fam crying tears of boredom as they waited for the reveal.

The band was barely saying what was going on, only handing out these tweets:

However, fans figured it out fairly quickly, zooming in on the brick wall to find an outline of the painting. They noticed that singer Luke Hemming's YouTube account changed its avatar to the single art cover and deduced that was what he was painting.

These little sleuths have their ways of finding out. And two hours is way too much time for an announcement on the internet.

Finally, the guys came on at the end, telling fans that "She's Kinda Hot" will be here soon. "Welcome to the new broken scene," Ashton Irwin said.

What do you guys think about the 5SOS announcement? Tell us in the comments.

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