Dane DeHaan Has Burger Feels On The Tonight Show

Dane DeHaan went on the Tonight Show and told an emotional story about a burger.

by Kat Rosenfield

When you're watching Dane DeHaan terrorize New York as the lean, tough Green Goblin in the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," just remember: this man was recently reduced to tears by a hamburger.

In an appearance on the Tonight Show, DeHaan explained to Jimmy Fallon the challenges of taking the role as Spidey's nemesis — not the least of which was transforming himself from a fairly skinny guy into a well-muscled villain. The actor spent more than eight months rigorously training, and eating piles of vegetables and protein, in order to develop the Goblin's intimidating physique, and not only did he take the commitment seriously, he was delighted to do it.

"People are always like, it must have been so hard," DeHaan said. "I was like, c'mon people, I'm the Green Goblin! Who cares if you have to eat a lot to be the Green Goblin? It's the coolest thing ever!"

But as committed as he was to the role, his complete dedication to the Green Goblin diet and fitness regimen had some unexpected emotional side effects. About four months into the process, DeHaan's trainer recommended that the actor at least occasionally give himself permission to indulge in a meal not on the "approved" list.

"So my wife and I went to brunch, and I ordered a burger, and it was my first burger in four months," he recalled. "And I took a bite of it, and I literally started crying in the restaurant."

Needless to say, Dane's wife was startled by his tears.

"She was like, 'What's wrong?!', and I was like, 'It's just so delicious,'" he said. "And she said, 'You need to stop crying.'"

Meanwhile, the actor is presumably back to eating like a non-Goblin and no longer weeping into his all-beef patties. But you can see the rippling results of his efforts on the big screen tomorrow, when "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters nationwide.

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