Peace For Paris -- Celebrities React

In response to the devastating attacks on Paris Friday (Nov. 13) night, celebrities offer peace to the City of Lights.

Je suis Paris.

The devastating attacks on Paris, France Friday (Nov. 13) night which claimed the lives of more than 100 people have left the world in a state of shock, absolute sorrow, and a feeling of helplessness as we watched, from a distance, the tragic events unfold.

In times like these, the power of social media becomes apparent as Parisian Twitter users launched the hashtag #PorteOuverte (which translates to #OpenDoor in English) as a means of opening their doors to anyone in need of safe haven. Facebook, meanwhile, enabled a Safety Check tool to give users a means of confirming their safety to friends.

The platforms also offered people an opportunity to speak out in support of the City of Lights and offer peace for everyone in Paris as they face the unspeakable.

Former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy

"The terrorists have declared war on France," the former president wrote. "Our response must express a firmness and determination at every moment."

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump


Jennifer Lawrence

Liam Hemsworth

Katy Perry

Jared Leto

John Legend

Sam Smith

"Praying For Paris. Sitting here staring at the news. My thoughts and my heart is with all the family and friends of the victims and to everyone in Paris and France tonight. Please all stay at home and stay safe ??" the singer wrote.


"We Are All Immigrants‼️ #ELLISstory @JR We all bleed the same color......We are all ONE?????? Pray For Peace! In Paris and all around the World ❤️" Madonna captioned.

Demi Lovato

Harry Styles

Niall Horan

Kim Kardashian West

Kourtney Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian

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Kevin Smith

Matt Bellamy

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Kate Hudson

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George Takei

Tony Goldwyn

Uzo Aduba

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Douglas Booth

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