Mike Tyson Weighs In On The Chris Brown/Frank Ocean Feud

Tyson's a fan of both Breezy and Ocean, and he hopes they'll squash their burgeoning beef.

By now, you are probably aware that [article id="1701161"]Mike Tyson thinks Justin Bieber is "awesome,"[/article] an opinion he shared with MTV News earlier this week, and one he backed up by singing something that allegedly was a Bieber tune.

Tyson was in town to promote the nationwide tour of his one-man play, "Undisputed Truth," and an upcoming cameo on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and while he discussed both of those projects during his time in the MTV Newsroom, he really wanted to talk about music. Turns out that, in addition to Bieber, he's also a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and Frank Ocean ... but he saved the highest praise for Chris Brown, the man he considers to be "the king."

"You don't put him in the same category, he's so far above these guys, these new guys," Tyson said. "Chris Brown is more of a veteran than those guys; he's been there and done it."

He certainly [article id="1614453"]has[/article]. Of course, since Tyson is a fan of both Ocean and Brown, we had to ask him about the brawl that occurred between the two artists earlier this week in the parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio. And while Tyson went to great lengths to stress the fact that his fighting days are behind him -- "That's the furthest thing from me now, man," he said -- he could definitely relate to their situation. After all, it's one he's found himself in more times than he'd care to recall.

"Even when I was in fights and these guys started it and I finished it, I still went to jail. They didn't go to jail! They had guns and stuff and they told the cops 'Yeah we were going to shoot him' and they still put me in jail!" he sighed. "A situation like [those] two guys, there's not much advice you can give them. It's hard to listen to somebody when you've got a couple of hundred million dollars, or $50 million or whatever, it's hard to listen to somebody. Sometimes you've got to feel the fire to know it's hot.

"These guys realize they're going to get locked up, they're going to get fined a hell of a lot of money, you know, now they're going to be stereotypes ... it's going to be on record that these guys are bad guys, and they constantly get in trouble," he continued. "And the next thing you know you got a lawyer involved, you got a cop involved, you got a prosecutor involved, you got a jury involved. You're up s--- creek without a paddle."

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