Now There's Tinder For Making Friends, So You Never Have To Be Lonely Again

A new BFF is as easy as swiping right.

"Tinder For Friends" sounds like an app that lets you discover which of your nearby besties is interested in hooking up. But the new app Wiith, which has earned that moniker, is considerably less awkward.

Wiith co-founders Jeff Hodnett and Gentian Edwards came up with the app, TechCrunch reports, as a solution to a simple problem both had when moving to San Francisco: They didn't know anyone. By syncing with your Facebook, Wiith uses information about you to find user-generated events in your area that might be of interest. You can swipe left or right freely for new pals, without the pressure to kiss any of them.

For people not interested in the romantic aspects of Tinder or the formalities of Meetup, this doesn't seem like a bad idea. (Wiith isn't affiliated with Tinder or Meetup, but is marketed as a cross between the two.) Events are in public places, and everyone on it has no primary interest in dating ... well, supposedly. And if the idea of Tinder for friends sounds a little creepy, let's not forget that Cuddlr was also a thing.


Currently Wiith has more than 1,000 users, mostly in the Bay Area, but its founders hope to expand into other cities. In the meantime, if you don't live in SF, we always have Craigslist's classic "Strictly Platonic" section to fall back on.

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