Is Nas Dropping His New Single Tomorrow?

The Queens native hints at some new music on the way.

Nas hinted on his remix of Schoolboy Q's "Studio" that some new music from him was imminent: “Finished up my new album, single ’bout to be dropping/ Last album on Def Jam and I got so many options,” he rapped.

Ok. It's 'bout to be dropping when, though?

"Real soon," he told Angie Martinez during a Power 105.1 interview on Wednesday (October 1). "Maybe sooner than next week. Maybe tomorrow."

Well, then. Alright. I'm certainly ready.

He's so focused on the new music -- and, more so, on the present -- that he says he won't even listen to one of his most well-known songs: "Ether." Of course, that record, from Esco's 2001 album, Stillmatic, aggressively went after Jay Z during a time when the two New York greats were vying for the city's crown. But they've long since made up, which Nas says is one of the reasons why he hasn't listened to the track recently.

"I haven't heard that thing in -- I don't listen to that," he said. "That, or the other thing [Jay Z's 'Takeover']. He knows that. I told him I can't listen to that stuff. It's great times, but that was then."

"We chilling. We so good right now. That's my dog. That was a different time. Everything is too good right now. It's right. History is history. But it's love."

He's not all the way over the past, though. Just this week, "Time Is Illmatic," a documentary about the Queensbridge rapper and his classic debut, Illmatic, hit select theaters after premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

“This documentary sparked too much new," Nasty told MTV News this week. "It sparked me up in a major way. It’s a younger man’s game today in a lot of ways, so I felt more happy to put out music now than I ever have before because my lane is a great place to be at.”

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