Michael Jackson's Style Legacy, From Military Jackets To One Glove

Singer started one-man fashion revolution with his cropped pants and sequins.

[artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] is a pop-culture legend because of his groundbreaking work in music and movies and his visionary music videos. But [article id="1614744"]Jackson, who died[/article] Thursday in Los Angeles, will also be remembered for his eccentric, creative and sparkling sense of style.

Just as his music and dancing have influenced today's young artists, from Justin Timberlake to Chris Brown, Jackson's style has also had an impact on many artists as well.

Jackson first burst onto the scene in the 1960s alongside his brothers in the Jackson 5. At the time, it was all about bright colors, bell-bottoms and printed tops. The guys kept up the look with a few tweaks here and there throughout much of the 1970s, including their signature Afros.

In the 1980s, Michael began a fashion revolution for himself, embracing a slimmer silhouette, shorter pants, bright-colored socks and, most importantly, sequins. This is also around the time when some of Michael's most recognizable pieces of clothing found their way into pop-culture history.

In the video for "Thriller," Michael wore what would become a signature red leather jacket (later referenced in the Adam Sandler flick "The Wedding Singer"). He would wear several versions of the jacket throughout the decade.

Military-style jackets, often sequined and usually paired with slim-fitting, short pants, also became a signature Jackson piece of clothing. The cropped pants were equally important to the Jackson aesthetic: They displayed his socks so when he danced onstage, you really paid attention to his moves.

Michael Jackson: A Fashion Icon

Accessories were key to Jackson's look. He embraced chunky belts, armbands, sequins, hats, straps, ties, patches, sunglasses and even makeup. If Jackson could make his eccentric sense of style even more theatrical, he would. He never shied away from standing out in the crowd while onstage and in videos.

But the most iconic Jackson accessory is his now-legendary single white glove. It might be the one piece of clothing most associated with the singer. No matter what Jackson wore before or after he introduced the white glove to his aesthetic in the '80s, it would be the defining fashion moment in a career full of groundbreaking style.

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