The 5 Biggest Moments From Vinny and Pauly's Bromance

The "Jersey Shore" house has always been a hot spot for roomie romance. We've already seen the way power couple Deena and Snooki get down (Meatball Mashup, anyone?), but this season, we watched a different sort of love blossom. We're talking, of course, about Pauly D and Vinny. The two were inseparable, and their fondness for one another was palpable. While all BFFs fight, we don't know if we could stomach seeing the two of them at odds--hopefully we never have to deal with that.

In honor of their fabulous friendship, we've rounded up five of the biggest moments that paved the way for their bromance to flourish. Let's go:

Love At First Sight: Vin was a little shy at first, but it didn't take long for these two to select their rooms, fall in love and eventually form Team MVP. Maybe the M has dropped, but the VP is certainly here to stay.

FPC 4 LIfe: Fist Pump, Push-Up, ChapStick was no accident. It required two creative minds, some matching Guido track jackets and a whole lotta energy to bring this concept to life. It was like watching the birth of their sweet love child.

Pranks Aplenty: No one loves gags like this duo. Pranks that might not ordinarily be funny, are, simply because we can see the sheer joy they get from doing them. Like the time they carefully piled all of Deena's furniture on her bed--classic.

Piercing Partners: Pauly was there to keep his man as cool as a cucumber pickle when Vinny decided to get his ear pierced. Most importantly, D stuck around after to remind his other half that he looked "fresh to death" with the new bling.

Meeting The Family: Not only has Vinny brought the DJ over to meet his parents, but Pauly also got an opportunity to impress the Sicilian-born Guadagnino clan. You don't take just any dude to meet the relatives.

+ What do you think of this buddy-buddy love? Let us know your favorite VP moments in the comments.

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