Katy Perry's Geeky Teen Alter Ego Joins Twitter, Facebook

In a teaser for upcoming 'Last Friday Night' video, science-fair loving Kathy Beth Terry gets trashed at a house party.

Pop stars often take on different personas in their music videos, but [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] has taken it a step further, unveiling a dorky new alter ego before the release of her clip for [article id="1663239"]"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."[/article]

For the fifth single off Teenage Dream, Perry has transformed into a 13-year-old high-schooler named Kathy Beth Terry, whose Facebook page lists her birthday as June 1, 1998. The visual for the Dr. Luke and Max Martin-produced feel-good tune drops June 14.

Fans caught an early glimpse of the "Last Friday Night" video in a teaser released online on Tuesday (June 7). In the 35-second sneak peek, an invite for "the party of the summer" is pinned onto Kathy Beth's corkboard, alongside her science award ribbon and dentist appointment reminder. "What, what was last night?" a confused Kathy asks herself in the clip, before a flashback montage shows festivities, kids dancing, and the wide-eyed teen throwing up in a shoe.

Perry's solar-system-loving persona has already hit the social media realms of Twitter and Facebook. Not only does Kathy Beth Terry love a good party, but she's a technology wiz too. "Harry S. Truman High: your firewall is weak, just hacked into @Twitter at the library, you can't block me, n00bs!" Kathy tweeted on Tuesday.

If fans want to know even more about Kathy, they can head to the high-schooler's Facebook page and read up on some of her interests, which include high-school science fairs, Beanie Babies and Hanson. As for where the 13-year-old gets her fashions from, Kathy writes, "I shop at Mervyn's and Dillard's (sometimes). I WISH I could afford 579!"

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