We Finally Know What Happened To Wren On 'Pretty Little Liars' -- And Of Course Charlotte Is Involved

'PLL' gives us the Wren update we've been waiting for.

Things are finally getting interesting on Pretty Little Liars. Tonight's episode, aptly titled "We've All Got Baggage," showcased the very best of the show's attributes. A Liar nearly got run over by A, a nasty secret threatened to ruin relationships, and the Powers That Be dangled a juicy, Wren-sized carrot over our noses. In other words, it was damn near perfect.

A is amping up his gAme. Not only did he manage to leak critical campaign information from Spencer's laptop, which in turn separated Spencer and Caleb, but he also learned the difference between a weak emoji and an effective message strategy. (It's a work in progress, but we're getting there!) But it wasn't all attempted murder and mayhem this week on PLL. In fact, wedding bells were in the air.

Ella and Byron got hitched (again), Elliott popped the question to Alison, and Hanna finally set a wedding date out of duress. Here's what else went down during the wonderfully madcap episode:

Aria comes clean.


Aria PLL

Aria knew she had to come clean to Ezra after he gave her a completed manuscript at the end of last week's episode. After all, Aria submitted six chapters to her editor pretending to be Ezra, so this latest development was a major point of contention between them. Surprisingly, Ezra took the news pretty well once he realized that Aria's boss loved the work she had submitted under his name. In a weird twist of fate, Ezra actually viewed it as an "act of love." [Barf.]

Everything was A-OK until Ezra told Liam that his female muse wasn't actually based on Aria but instead his dead girlfriend who I have honestly forgotten the name of at this point (Nicole?). It didn't take Liam very long to realize what had been under his nose this entire time: Aria was more than just Ezra's former student. Needless to say, Liam was upset, but he reconciled things with Aria before the episode's end because what even is dignity anymore?

Hanna contemplates her future with Jordan.



Hanna has a real knack for planning weddings that aren't her own. She spent the majority of this episode styling Ella's wedding, and coming face to face with her own walk down the aisle. At this point, does anyone really believe that Hanna wants to marry Jordan? She hasn't planned anything. She doesn't have a dress. She doesn't even have a wedding party! She only picked a date because she felt obligated to. Hanna and Jordan are one sad music moment away from a breakup -- I can feel it.

Oh, and I also don't by this whole "I'm OK with Caleb and Spencer" act that she has going on. Her reaction at Ella and Byron's wedding was proof enough.

Wren has a shady connection to Charlotte.

PLL Wren

Finally, a Wren update! Well, kinda. Here's what we know: two years ago, Hanna had an awkward run-in with Melissa in London, and that's when she learned that Melissa and Wren had broken up because of Charlotte. Apparently, Charlotte called and she and Wren had an interesting chat about -- yep, you guessed it -- Melissa. Wren immediately dumped Melissa and seemingly returned to America to visit Charlotte.

This is huge because it not only confirms Wren's involvement, but it also gives us a clue as to the nature of Melissa and Charlotte's relationship, which was never fully explained. That being said, what could Charlotte tell Wren that would be so terrible it would make him leave Melissa? My guess is that Melissa is somehow connected to Mrs. DiLaurentis's murder, and we all know that Charlotte had an axe to grind there. But does this make Wren the man who's trying to avenge Charlotte's death or the one responsible for putting her in the grave?

Emily comes face to face with her worst fears.

PLL Toby and Emily

The thought of A using Emily's eggs to have his baby is so fucked up. I'd like to believe that the Powers That Be wouldn't use sexual violence to terrorize poor Emily. Because that's what this is -- A stole Em's eggs, violated her body, and is now threatening her with little A babies. That's fucked up.

If I were Emily, I'd be way more concerned about A's disturbing plans, but she kept herself occupied with smarmy Hollis reporter Damian this week. Damian tried to trick her into telling him about Charlotte by befriending her at her Hollis registration, but Hanna tipped her off before he could get too far into his investigation. Instead, Em decided to use him to get information on Melissa.

From Damian's intel we know that Melissa was definitely back before Charlotte was released, which means Melissa is our new suspect numero uno. Not only did she have access to a murder weapon that matches Tanner's description, but she also has a shady alibi.

Emily followed her suspicions to the Two Crows, which conveniently happened to be in the middle of nowhere, where she was met with a psycho in a jeep who tried to run her over. When she climbed up to the roof of the restaurant, she found what looked like the murder weapon -- but before she could get a good look at it, A found a way to get it back. That was honestly the most exciting thing that's happened in the last six episodes.

Ali reveals a shocking truth.

ABC Family

PLL Dr. Rollins

Ali's subplot with Dr. Rollins has been kind of a snooze-fest lately, but now that A is involved, things might finally get interesting. After A sent her threatening text (with more bargain bin emojis, FYI), Ali was forced to reveal what really might actually have gone down the night Charlotte was murdered. The night that Charlotte came home, she and Ali stayed up all night talking. That's when Ali decided to break the news that she had been seeing Charlotte's doctor, Mr. Rollins, on the DL. Charlotte felt betrayed and retreated to her room. Hours later, she wound up dead in the middle of Rosewood. Now Ali feels guilty about possibly driving her sister into the arms of her killer.

But she didn't feel guilty for very long because before the episode's even over she and Rollins are knocking on newly ordained Aria's door, asking her to marry them under the twinkle lights in her backyard. How romantic. It's probably best to get married in Aria's backyard; Ali's backyard has had one too many dead bodies buried in it.

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