Eminem, 'Source' Co-Owner Exchange Angry Words At Detroit Radio Station

Confrontation takes place after David Mays makes comments during on-air interview.

It seems that there is no resolution in sight in the ongoing verbal feud between Eminem and The Source. On Tuesday evening in Detroit, Em and Source co-owner David Mays got into an off-air verbal confrontation at radio station WDTJ-FM.

Reports are still coming in, but according to sources close to the altercation, Mays was being interviewed at the station for an evening radio program. Some of Mays' words were directed toward the Motor City SoundScan king.

Shortly thereafter, Eminem arrived at the station with approximately 10 men. While sources say that no violence took place, there was plenty of shouting and four-letter words being flung.

Last week, the long-running beef heated up in the wake of a song and video made by Source co-owner Benzino (see [article id="1495331"]"Eminem 'Never Wanted To Squash The Beef,' Benzino Says; Fires Back In New Video"[/article]).

Neither Eminem, his reps, nor spokespeople for WDTJ would comment on the matter. Wednesday night, though, Mays told MTV he was shocked to see Eminem in the flesh.

"I wasn't expecting for him to show up; he doesn't go anywhere in public," Mays said. "Nobody ever sees this guy. People were like, 'Is it really him?' I don't understand what his purpose was. I'm up there by myself, he had all his people."

Mays said the confrontation was brief, lasting all of two minutes. Like his partner Benzino, Mays says he wants to have another face-to-face with Slim Shady, but next time he hopes it's to sit down and discuss hip-hop.

"My attorneys are sending correspondence to his attorneys relating to this thing as well as the ongoing lawsuit," Mays revealed (see [article id="1495303"]"Eminem's Lawsuit Against The Source Going To Trial"[/article]). "The point of it is that we need to have a real discussion. People in business, men, human beings, resolve differences. These people can't come to the table and discuss issues."

[This story was updated at 7:47 p.m. ET on 1.12.2005]

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