Beyoncé Visited Ben Platt And The 'Dear Evan Hansen' Cast And They May Never Recover

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Dear Evan Hansen has long since established itself as a massive Broadway smash, but Beyoncé spending a night out watching Ben Platt sing his heart out has brought the hit musical to another level of pop culture perfection.

On September 14, Bey and Jay-Z dressed up and booked it to Times Square to catch the show for date night, and they surprised the cast afterwards by stopping by their dressing rooms to say hey. Naturally, the actors completely and totally freaked out, and Platt himself turned approximately 912 shades of red upon meeting the Carters.

This is what we call a No Chill Situation, but who can blame them? If Beyoncé watches you perform and swings through backstage to let you know she liked it and you don't lose your mind, something's seriously amiss, so we're glad the Dear Evan Hansen responded accordingly.