17 Movie Robots That Have Made Us Confused About Our Sexuality

If crushing on robots is wrong, then we don't want to be right.

When you finally watch "Avengers: Age of Ultron" -- be honest, it's the only thing keeping you sane rn -- you're probably going to have a lot of *~feelings~* about Hawkeye and Vision and Hulktasha. But don't be surprised if you leave the theater with a hardcore crush on Ultron.

The big bad bot is completely mesmerizing, even if his tiny fake teeth kinda freak us out. Seriously, we're getting butterflies just thinking about Ultron and his adamantium muscles. Brb, swooning forever.

What? You've never been attracted to a robot before? It's not like it's weird or anything. In fact, there have been plenty of big screen androids (and just plain ol' cute droids) who have driven our libidos wild.

Here are 17 of the hottest movie robots to make you question everything you thought you knew about your sexuality:

The Fembots

Being the physical manifestation of male desire, the Fembots, as seen in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," are literally objectified women in "sexy" babydoll lingerie. On the bright side, at least they're also man-killing machines who shot bullets out of their bosoms. For that, they get a spot on this list.




We're so in love with Wall-E rn that we want to sing him a million love songs. In fact, we've amended Magic!'s "Rude" to reflect this. Wall-E, why you gotta be so cuuuuuute?


When we first meet Chappie, a police droid installed with experimental programming that gives him agency, he's kinda like a little kid figuring out human behavior for the first time. However, just like Simba in "The Lion King" -- another character that made us question our sexuality, TBH -- he eventually grows into adolescence, where he learns how to be a "real gangster." But really, he's on this list because he's so darn cute and *~sensitive~* and don't even get us started on those antena ears.



A little too neurotic for our liking, C-3PO makes the list because he's one-half of our favorite cinematic duo. The ying to R2-D2's yang, C-3PO may not have been the hero, but you can't say it was for lack of trying. He just wasn't cut out for saving the entire universe, you know?

The Iron Giant

Warner Bros.

The Iron Giant

Cartoon or not, this gentle Giant is everything that we ever wanted in a boyfriend: funny, with a salacious appetite for metal and the voice of Vin Diesel, great with kids and extremely caring -- oh, and he can FLY.


RD-D2 Gif

He may be a little too stocky for our liking, but R2-D2 always has the uncanny ability to get his friends out of the trickiest of situations... or, you know, serve you a cool beverage at the end of long, hard day. Of course, R2 is a rather enigmatic droid, as you never know what could be hiding under that mechanical frame. Hubba hubba.

Evil Bill & Evil Ted

Dudes, robot Bill and robot Ted may have been evil, but that doesn't mean they weren't hot. Yes, they were still as daft as their human counterparts, but whatever, the dumb ones make the best eye-candy. We get a "full-on robot chubby" just thinking about them.

Gigolo Joe

A sexy humanoid gigolo with the face, body and accent of Jude Law? YES. Here Gigolo Joe, take all of my money.


Data from Star Trek

Data would give anything to be human like everyone else. His passion for humanity is not only endearing, but it's also one of the more "human" elements of the "Star Trek" universe.

Optimus Prime



A true alpha Autobot, Optimus Prime isn't afraid to take control. He has the swagger of Captain America and the ass-kicking abilities of The Hulk, making him a swoon-worthy addition to our list.


Paramount Pictures

Terminator Genisys

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-101 is fly as hell. Yes, he's a total killing machine, but his devotion to the mission is what really makes our heart flutter. Plus, he's a cyborg who rides a motorcycle, so that's pretty awesome.

Roy Batty

Roy Batty

Roy Batty, a combat model replicant in "Blade Runner," was smart, highly intelligent and one hell of a wordsmith. Is it weird to be even more attracted to a android when its dying? Probably. But damn, we cried so many tears in rain over Roy Batty's demise.



Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Teeth and eyebrows aside, Ultron is a good-looking robot. And we can thank Tony Stark for that. But it's more than just a steel-solid bod and deliciously evil swagger. When Ultron walks into a room, he commands attention. He's also pretty funny -- even writer-director Joss Whedon can't resist his sex appeal.




In "Ex Machina," Eva's inventor, played by Oscar Isaac, pretty much confesses that she was programmed to flirt with dudes. And similar to the Fembots, she was designed in the image of the ideal female. But unlike those one-dimensional bots, Ava is a sharp, state-of-the-art android who begins to explore her sexuality, not to use it against men, but for her own pleasure. Get it, girl.



When it comes to BB8, the newest addition to the "Star Wars" universe, it's hard to profess our undying love for this cute lil' droid in coherent sentences. Basically, HE'S SO CUTE. WE WANT ONE. OH MY GOD. HOW IS HE SO CUTE?


Pris Blade Runner

Our favorite femme fatale, "Blade Runner" assassin Pris can kick serious ass. She's also bats--t crazy, but her out-of-control, aggressive personality is all part of her alluring charm.

Johnny 5

Johnny 5

Johnny 5, designed for military intelligence, made up for his limited functionality with a quirky sense of humor. (Hey, it worked for Ally Sheedy too, okay?) A bookworm at heart, Johnny 5 was an intellectual. He was the kind of bot you could see yourself with long-term -- as long as you were okay with him finishing his book before you even turn the first page of yours.

And because we know we're not the only ones who fantasize about robots, here's Joss Whedon stanning over Ultron.

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