This Guy Took Over The VMA Stage To Do A Beyonce-Style ALS Challenge

James Alsop, a choreographer who's worked with Bey, even stepped in to help.

You can give up -- Chase Simonds' ALS challenge is better than yours. And he didn't even have to throw a bucket of water over his head.

A few days before the Video Music Awards, the MTV producer was joking around doing dance moves in front of coworkers when VMAs co-executive producer Lee Lodge walked in. After Simonds' humiliation wore off, Lodge made an offer: if Simonds learned and performed a dance routine on the VMA stage, he'd donate $500 to charity.

Since he'd recently found out his friend Clayton's father has ALS, he had to accept the challenge -- and went all out to craft a routine fit for a queen. A friend connected him to James Alsop, a choreographer who's worked with Beyonce, who over the next couple nights helped him perfect his dance moves.

Maybe Bey will recruit him for Sunday's VMA performance?

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