50 Cent Says Floyd Mayweather Stiffed Him For About $2 Million

'When you gonna give me your half of the money back?' Fif asks rhetorically of Floyd Mayweather on Power 106 in L.A. on Thursday.

They say money makes the world go round. Well, it also drove a wedge between 50 Cent and his longtime friend Floyd "Money" Mayweather. About a $2 million wedge, according to Fif's calculations.

The two have been bickering for the past few months, and on Thursday (November 29), 50 paid a visit to Power 106 in Los Angeles and opened up to morning show host Big Boy about the issues between him and his boxing buddy. Fif claims it all started when Floyd asked for his help in running his Mayweather Promotions company before turning himself in to serve a three-month jail sentence that ended in August.

"I took a look and I realized there is no Mayweather Promotions. There's no LLC. There's no seal. It's not incorporated," revealed the music mogul, who received his boxing-promoter license in Vegas earlier this month. "When he says help him with Mayweather Promotions and it's not there, I say, 'Okay, I know what he means.' He wants me to put it together for him."

50 figured he'd take the bull by the horns and went ahead and established The Money Team Promotions, signing boxers, negotiating contracts and dropping tons of bank. The problem occurred when Floyd came home in August, and 50 alleged that he was buying $300,000 chains and fancy Lamborghinis. "I'm sitting there going, 'When you gonna give me the money... when you gonna give me your half of the money back?' But, I ain't tryna press him because he just got out of jail," Fif said of his initial issue with Floyd.

According to Fif's account, the boxing champ told the rapper that he never gave him the green light to start a company and that's where the barrage of tweets came in. At the top of November, the two titans went back and forth on Twitter, hurling insults. Fif would later claim that it was a marketing ploy that they used to drum up excitement after Floyd's return from prison, but he recanted that and told Big Boy that the rift was, in fact, a real one.

50 Cent won't take criticism from anyone but this guy. Watch here!

50 has also been in talks with Money May's boxing rival [article id="1694110"]Manny Pacquiao[/article] about starting a promotions company of their own, and while that venture doesn't appear to be at the root of their problems, it certainly doesn't help matters.

Still the "In da Club" MC maintains that he views the pugilist as a brother and that's why the situation has escalated past a war of words, though he did admit that he and Floyd came to blows at least twice before. "I won, every time," he claimed. "It was more out of reflex though. He punched me."

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