14 Times Lily Rabe Was Your Underrated 'American Horror Story' Queen

Wouldn't you love to love her?

The past two seasons of "American Horror Story" have been sorely missing something very important. No, not restraint or a strong central narrative thread (though those went MIA at some point after "Asylum" as well). Instead, what "AHS" has been missing is its dynamite scene-stealing (literally), pinch-hitting (figuratively), supporting player, Lily Rabe.

From her scary-sweet turn as the heartbreaker ghost Nora Montgomery in "Murder House" to her season-making performance as Misty Day in "Coven," Rabe was an "AHS" series highlight each and every time she graced the screen... even if she was underrated (and under Emmy-nominated) compared to her scene sisters Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. And while "Hotel" will find the actress briefly returning for a guest stint as the real-life killer Aileen Wuornos, we're still longing for the days of yore (or was it yesteryear?), when Rabe vamped and twirled across our screens on a week-to-week basis.

So, in celebration of Rabe and her scenery chewing ways, here are all of the times that she was our underrated "American Horror Story" queen:

When she brought the magic of Fleetwood Mac to the teens...


... And to "American Horror Story!"


Stevie Nicks guest starred on "Coven." This wouldn't have happened without Rabe's Misty Day and her Bieber-fever esque obsession.

Thus bringing witchy shawls back into the mainstream.


(Seriously, her style on this show is always IMPECCABLE)


When she reminded us that even nuns need love :)


When she was a great role model for THE CHILDREN.


Was Sister Mary Eunice a totally random and absolutely bananas character, who often had little to nothing to do with the two "Asylum" leads, Sister Jude (Lange) and Lana (Paulson)? Absolutely, but its crazy ambition and willingness to explore murky issues (like Catholicism) was what made that season of "AHS" so special, and Rabe's demon nun was by far the most entertaining B-character of the bunch.

And an even better mother to her own child.


(Sure, that child was later kidnapped and dismembered and turned into a Franken-baby, but literally zero of that was her fault.)

When she taught us that realness > table manners.


No one is better at serving up sick burns while somehow still sounding sugary sweet.

When she brought a fan-favorite back to life...


Her back to life routine eventually got old, but that's not Rabe's fault... and we sure did love her for bringing back Emma Roberts' batsh-t villain Madison after her untimely murder.

... Then wasn't afraid to beat said fan-favorite in the head when the situation called for it.


Misty's Madison takedown was an easy "Coven" highlight. Seriously, someone had to do it.

When she finally settled the debate: yup, being good is NO FUN.


When she gave us "Like a Prayer" vibes all over again.


Apologies to Pope Francis, but Mary Eunice is still the number one Catholic that's graced our screen in recent years.

And finally, when she let the world know that a good twirl can make all of your problems just melt away.


(But bonus points if the twirl also includes Stevie Nicks)


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