17 Times Celebrities Dressed As Other Celebrities For Halloween

Harry as Miley is #1 forever, IMHO.

If you haven't looked at a calendar recently, you may have missed the fact that it's already October, which means Halloween costume planning is in full effect. As people we see (photos of) on the regular, celebrities often serve as perfect costumes—I found inspiration in Avril Lavigne for the years 2002-04, for example.

Sometimes, celebrities are equally as inspired by their famous peers and do their best impressions for Halloween. Here are 13 celebs who dressed up as other celebs—let's just say a lot of people felt a personal connection to Miley Cyrus' 2013 VMAs performance.

Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim

For her 2013 costume, though, Miley went as Lil' Kim, purple pasty and all.

Harry Styles as Miley Cyrus

One of the people feeling Miley's #IMPACT was Harry Styles, who wore nude shorts and carried a foam finger. I carry this photo in my wallet.

Zendaya as Aaliyah

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The same year, Zendaya did her best Aaliyah impression in head-to-toe Tommy Hilfiger.

Amber Rose as Slash

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Amber Rose

In 2011, Amber Rose dressed up as Slash from Guns N' Roses. Not that I needed it, but this serves as further proof that all wigs make Amber Rose entirely unrecognizable.

Lena Dunham as C.K.

Mindy Kaling/Twitter

Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling

IDK where Lena Dunham got her Louis C.K. bald cap/wig combo, but it definitely paints a vivid picture.

Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Miley Cyrus

Three years before Nicki asked Miley "What's good?" at the VMAs, Miley broke out the leopard print and a yellow wig to pay homage.

Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

Like Harry Styles, Paris was feeling Miley's performance look, though she opted for the furry bear leotard. Her foam finger was also covered in rhinestones, of course.

Kim Kardashian as Anna Wintour

As if Kim Kardashian in tweed and a blunt bob wasn't enough to take in, she goes and dresses North as Andre Leon Talley, cape included.

Diddy as Prince

For his Prince costume, Diddy slathered on the eyeliner and a velvet purple cape.

Miley Cyrus as Dolly Parton

In 2014, Miley Cyrus went country, dressing up as her godmother Dolly Parton. Now seems like an opportune time to remind everyone that the pig in her arms is this big now.

Pauly D as Justin Bieber

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Pauly D

In 2010, Pauly D dressed as Justin Bieber, which involved leaving his hair down to achieve the ~swoop~. How far we've come, you guys.

Audrina Patridge as Madonna

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Audrina Patridge

While Audrina Patridge has lightened her dark hair, she's never gone quite as blonde—or curly—as she did for her Madonna costume in 2007. So many lace gloves, so little time.

Ellen Degeneres as Nicki Minaj


Ellen Degeneres

Like Miley, Ellen Degeneres found inspiration in one of Nicki Minaj's outfits. While seeing Ellen with, um, major cleavage is unfamiliar, it's the long blonde hair that's really strange, IMHO.

Kelly Ripa as Miley Cyrus and Michael Strahan as Robin Thicke

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Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan

Kelly Ripa wore the same furry bear leotard as Paris Hilton, but took her costume one step further thanks to Michael Strahan as Robin Thicke in that black-and-white striped suit.

Katy Perry as Freddie Mercury

Before her "Kris Jenner"-inspired pixie, Katy tried short hair out as Freddie Mercury.

Becca Tobin and Jenna Ushkowitz as Katy Perry

On the set of "Glee," Becca Tobin and Jenna Ushkowitz broke out the cupcakes, film canisters, lollipops, and colorful wigs to get their Katy Perry on.

Beyonce as Janet Jackson

In 2014, Beyonce went as a "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson and was joined by an adorable Michael Jackson by way of her daughter Blue Ivy.

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