'Supernatural': Learn The Heartbreaking Story Behind Sam's Imaginary Friend

We meet the adorkable Sully on tonight's episode of 'Supernatural.'

On the last episode of "Supernatural," Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) battled a killer Easter bunny, a creepy clown and even a fake deer. Yes, really.

The boys dealt with a "monster of the week," in this case, ghost possession. This episode was Darkness-free, so who knows what kind of mischief God's sister got herself into while she was briefly off the boys' radar.

Tonight's episode is extra special because fellow "SPN" alum Richard Speight, Jr. directed it. And while Gabriel (aka The Trickster) doesn't appear in the episode, Speight recently told MTV News, "In my opinion, when Gabriel was asked by Castiel [in Season 9] if he were dead, Gabriel’s non-answer was louder than anything he could have shouted." So, it sounds like there IS a chance fans will see our favorite archangel again, just not tonight.

Check out our six biggest moments from "Just My Imagination."

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Meet Sully

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The episode opened in Wisconsin as Maddie (Jena Skodje) held a tea party with her stuffed animals and imaginary friend Sparkle. As her parents grumbled about running late for dinner, it was revealed Sparkle was not-so-imaginary, and actually a humanized unicorn. Unfortunately, while Maddie and her parents were at dinner, someone — or something — came into Maddie's room and murdered Sparkles. When Maddie returned home, she screamed bloody murder after seeing her friend slaughtered.

Cut to: Sam waking up. He went down to the kitchen to find it filled with candy and desserts. Suddenly, Sully (Nate Torrence), Sam's childhood imaginary friend, appeared. In a mix of surprise and shock, Sam punched Sully, then claimed he wasn't real. Dean entered the kitchen to find Sam talking to himself until Sully revealed himself to the elder Winchester, who called him "Mork from Dork." Sully begged the boys for their help after telling them his friend was murdered.

Sam and Dean spoke in private about Sully, and Sam admitted to his brother that Sully was there for him when he was nine.

Sad Young Sam is sad

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Sully rode with the Winchesters to the Wisconsin house where Sparkle died. After Sully went inside, Sam admitted to Dean he didn't think Sully was real, but he was a lonely kid. Dean said he himself was there, but then it cut to a flashback of Sam and Dean's childhood. As Young Sam (Dylan Kingwell) spoke to Young Dean (Dylan Everett) on the phone, he was heartbroken to know their father said Sam couldn't go hunting with them... again. Sully tried cheering Sam up, knowing Dean and their dad were going to be gone a few days and leaving Sam completely alone.

Back to the present, the brothers joined Sully in Maddie's room. Sully worked his magic and helped Sam and Dean see Sparkle's bloodied body.

Later, an "imaginary" friend named Nicky Mermaid (Ida Segerhagen) waited for her "kid" to return from gymnastics. As she soaked in the pool, an unseen figure stabbed her to death. When Sully and the brothers entered the scene of the crime, Sully was horrified, but "stayed strong for Sam," much to Dean's confusion. Sully revealed Nicky Mermaid had a boyfriend named Weems (Eduard Witzke).

Sam's big choice

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Having another flashback, Sam remembered his younger self and Sully playing together. Sam told Sully he thought about leaving the hunting life, and Sully asked him if he wanted to attend school and make new friends. Sully bluntly told the younger Winchester he could run away from the hunter's life if he really wanted to; it was his decision.

Shaken from his memory, Dean and Sam finished burying Nicky Mermaid, so her child wouldn't see the body. Shortly after, a young boy named Fletcher (Benjamin Wosk), traveled outside with his "imaginary" friend Weems after accidentally wetting the bed. When Fletcher went back inside to sleep, Weems was attacked by the shadowy figure, calling out "Sully" as he laid on the grass, suffering alone.

Sam's even bigger choice

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Soon after, the trio found Weems bleeding inside a garage, graciously saved by being stabbed in the love handle. His "fat saved him," as he hilariously put it. They told Weems Nicky Mermaid and Sparkle were dead, much to his surprise. Dean asked what was special about Weems, why did kids like him, and he demonstrated his legit air guitar skills. Basically, he played an imaginary guitar — that actually had music coming out of it. It was pretty badass, TBH, even though "he's not [Eric] Clapton," according to Dean.

Weems thought Sam and Sully were "back together again," and Sam set him straight. But then Weems told him he really, really hurt Sully back in the day. Sam remembered when he rudely told Sully he wasn't even real, and wanted to "unmake him up." As Sam packed for his trip to Milwakuee to join his family on a hunt — his father called and said he could come after all — Sully disappeared. "You have a good, long life, Sam," he said, and then he was gone.

God's plan for Sam

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Sam admitted to Sully he felt horrible for kicking Sully out of his life the way he did. Sully shrugged it off, calling Sam "a hero" for saving mankind. Sam painfully shared how he let the Darkness into the world, and how he thought God wanted to help them solve the problem, how he wanted Sam to return to the Cage in Hell with Lucifer. Sully asked Sam, "Ever think about running away anymore?" Sam said he hadn't in a long time.

Shortly after, Dean was ambushed by an unknown woman, who tied him up and sent Sam a text, pretending to be Dean. When Dean asked what the hell was going on, she said they both knew Sully.

Sully's painful past

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Sam and Sully found Dean tied up and Sully recognized the girl as Reese (Anja Savcic), one of Sully's "kids" after Sam ditched him. Her twin sister Audrey was hit by a car and killed as a kid after playing tag with Sully. Convinced all xana, aka "imaginary" friends, were evil, Reese started murdering them to get to Sully. Upset, Reese said she needed Sully the most after Audrey died, but he abandoned her. As Dean broke loose of his restraints,Sully encouraged Audrey to kill him for what happened to her sister . Dean told her xana were "'Sesame Street'-Mother Theresas," because Sully was there for his little brother when he himself wasn't. Sully apologized several times to Reese, who then dropped her blade and embraced him.

Later, Sam told Sully he "was a hero to [him]." Dean then came over, and Sully told him, "You're not a germ at all," and Dean gave one of his signature confused faces we all know and love.

After Sully left, the brothers drove back home. Sam brought up the Cage and Lucifer again, much to Dean's annoyance. The older Winchester said there was another way than having Sam go back to Hell, to which Sam replied, "Then tell me, what is the other way?"

Yeah, Dean. We'd like to know, too.

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