Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' Director Recalls Video's 'Explosion'

Francis Lawrence-directed clip took home Video of the Year at VMAs.

As the top-nominated artist at Sunday night's 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, pop sensation [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga's[/artist] "little monsters" were tuned in to witness her triumphs -- and they weren't disappointed. Gaga took home eight Moonmen, including the evening's top prize for [article id="1647678"]Video of the Year[/article].

Director Francis Lawrence was also honored for his work on "Bad Romance," though even with work for artists like Britney Spears, Will Smith and Aerosmith behind him, he admitted that nothing he's done compares with the fervor generated by the night's top-winning video.

"I've been doing it a long time, but I've never really experienced an explosion with a video like this, where people so eagerly awaited it and it blew up on YouTube instantly," he explained. "For a while, [article id="1643829"]until the Justin Bieber video came out[/article], it was the most-viewed video on YouTube."

Lawrence admitted that he would love to work with Gaga again, though his increased focus in recent years on Hollywood features, such as "I Am Legend" or the upcoming Robert Pattinson/ Reese Witherspoon-starring adaptation "Water for Elephants" leaves his schedule pretty packed. "I haven't [heard from her], because I pretty much became unavailable right after [the 'Bad Romance'] shoot," he said. "But if she had a new song and wanted to do something, I would do it in a second. She was really fun to work with."

Lawrence's interest in working with Gaga again can largely be credited to the pop star's own passion for a well-made music video, a fact that is evident in all of her work. "She loves the art form of music videos and she is a real creative partner and has great ideas and really cool and unique tastes. She has a great team working with her as well, helping build really fantastic things that she wears," he explained. "She works hard, she shows up on time and she's pretty spontaneous... it was great."

"Bad Romance" is an excellent example of this. Lawrence and Gaga each had their own ideas for how the video ought to look. They met, discussed it and collaborated to produce a shared vision, one that incorporated ideas from both sides. Even when the plan changed, there was still a clear idea of what to do and how to do it.

"Originally I was gonna shoot ['Bad Romance'] in New York and we were gonna shoot it on location. There were more exteriors and things like that," Lawrence said. "And then because of budgetary restraints and because of her schedule, we moved it to Los Angeles and the setting changed and it all just became that one interior space, but the basic idea and the concept of the video stayed pretty much the same."

On those "budgetary restraints," Lawrence freely admits that times have changed. "Years ago, when I was really making [music videos], before I was making movies, budgets would be over a million dollars," he said. "Bad Romance" featured no product placement, but he said the reason we see such things in music videos these days is that it allows for bigger budgets -- which makes the Gaga video all the more impressive. "It was a two-day shoot," he said. "We spent two 14-hour days shooting."

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