Tori Kelly Just Wowed Us With Just Her Guitar In A Workout Studio

She belted out 'Should've Been Us' in our dance studio with Broadway at her back.

"I don't know where I live anymore," Tori Kelly told us with a coy smile, the skyline of New York City's theater district behind her. We were gathered around her on the seventh floor of the MTV offices, her guitar slung around her as she asked where we were from. Some fans were from Indiana, some from Ohio, but most of us were city dwellers. "I just say I'm from my suitcase."

Tori's album Unbreakable Smile is out today, and amid the whirlwind of release day, she stopped to give MTV a special performance in our Times Square building. Her blonde curls were tossed over a leather jacket as she asked us if we had a pick for her guitar. We all looked around nervously. The former "American Idol" hopeful decided to wing it, using her darkly polished fingers to strum, launching into "Should've Been Us."

Although her performance was super exclusive and intimate (hello, we were in our company's dance studio for heavens' sakes), I gathered fans' Instagrams and Vines from the mini-concert for you to see. And if you want more Tori, follow her around on MTV all day Friday for her channel takeover. If you can't get to a TV, keep checking MTV Pop's Facebook page for more Kelly updates.

And while Tori may be all over the world promoting her new album -- far away from her native Southern California -- we hope she knows that she'll always have a home right here.

Here's how Tori Kelly slayed us:

First, she made us feel like we were the only ones in the room. Oh wait, we were.

Second, she slowed it down in true singer-songwriter fashion.

You couldn't deny her voice. Mind blown.

Pure soul.