Things Get Shaken Up In This 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Trailer

The season begins in January of next year, but our questions begin right now!

Release your bated breath because Downton Abbey is back! The trailer for Season 5 promises all of the same behind-closed-doors affairs, illicit dealings and laughable commentary that we've come to love from the Granthams and their conniving servants.

Speaking of conniving, is that Daisy asserting that she can't follow orders for the rest of her life? Is she planning to leave Downton Abbey behind? On the other hand, stalwart servant and loyal butler Mr. Carson admitting he feels a shaking, and it seems like this season will definitely shake things up.

Lady Edith thinks the world is changing, does this mean she's going to continue pursuing a career? As for Lady Mary, she's still focused on romance and seems to be caught up in a new love affair. But then again, Jimmy Kent is involved in an affair of his own—one that goes straight to the bedroom.

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The weirdest teaser? The Earl of Grantham himself lamenting that their grandchild will be stolen from them.... forever! Why would someone be plotting that? And it looks like the Dowager aka Maggie Smith is still quipping her snooty, hilarious soundbites.

Season 5 will begin showing on PBS on Jan. 5, 2015 so we still have a few more months before the rest of these questions get answered! Watch the full trailer below.

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