Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber And Adam Levine Want To Help You Study

MTV News rounds up the hottest inspo for a late-night study sesh.

So, your house is covered in snow and finals are looming closer. But we know you'd rather be cuddled up inside, listening to Ariana Grande's Christmas music, getting ready for the Doctor Who special and forgetting all about the Pythagorean theorem. Begin the procrastination!

Like you, when we procrastinate, we spend a lot of time on the Internet.

Thankfully, the Internet gives us gifts of tidings and joy (and hot men), and may actually be a lot less detrimental to your study sesh than you think. After all, you landed on our website, right?

MTV News thought that we'd round up all the best final-exam inspo for you -- and they just to happen to be hot guys with motivational words of wisdom.

Justin Bieber

JBiebs is "confident" that you'll get an A+ on that biology paper. Just keep plugging away.

Zac Efron

You don't have to tell Zac how to get through high school. If you get stuck, just try out a mnemonic device with a little song.

Nick Jonas

Nick will throw his pom poms up for you. All you have to do is finish those flash cards.

Jack White

He fell in love with a girl, and it might just be you if you can get your Art History notes together!


Sure, the producer might not be on your hot list, but look at him! He'd definitely sing your praises if you pass algebra.

Luke Bryan

How about a little country twang to get you through your history final? Luke's down.

Bradley Cooper

Don't see the silver lining to your endless studying? Maybe Brad can show you the way.

Adam Levine

Just imagine People's Sexiest Man Alive showing you his Jagger-like moves if you dominate that short-answer section.

Ryan Gosling

We couldn't leave Gosling out! Look how rough and tough he gets when he's passionate.

You're welcome.