Watch Demi Lovato Prank These Lovatics In Her 'Really Don't Care' Lyric Video

Lucky Lovatics star in a lyric vid for her latest single.

Demi Lovato unleashed her lyric video for her brand-new single, "Really Don't Care," and it turns out she got some help fo the clip from some very special people: her Lovatics!

As part of her #Demiversary -- which celebrates one year since the release of her fourth album, Demi -- the singer dropped the adorable three-and-a-half minute clip on Wednesday (May 14).

The video shows fans lip-synching and dancing along to the uptempo breakup anthem as the words flash across the screen. But some of Demi's die-hards had no idea a surprise was in store for them. The "Neon Lights" singer randomly popped up to join them in singing the song, which left fans either screaming or literally speechless.

The video was also intercut with groups of Lovatics singing the song backstage and during a concert with her tour crew. It concludes with a message: "Thank you to all my fans in Brazil who helped me make this video." Lovato recently wrapped up the South American leg of her Neon Lights Tour on May 10.

The song is the fourth single off Demi's self-titled album, and features British singer Cher Lloyd, a collaboration that was made possible by Demi's mom.

"Well first of all, my mom loves Cher Lloyd and my little sister loves Cher Lloyd. And I love her too," Demi told MTV News in May 2013. "She has so much sass and attitude. They were really wanting me to do a duet with her. And so I was thinking, 'Who else would be more fun to do a collaboration with than a powerful, sassy, attitude-filled girl?' And there’s just nobody else out there. She fit perfectly on that song.”

Demi will perform "Really Don't Care" on "Good Morning America" on June 6.

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